of the
Fitchburg Republican
City Committee (FRCC)
is Scheduled for

7.00 PM, Thursday, May 14th

and held at
Destare, 320 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA

Our GOP friends in Western MA will be hosting their annual summer picnic on Saturday, August 15 at Pulaski Park in Three Rivers, MA.  More information will be forthcoming as the event gets closer.

For weeks, special interests on Beacon Hill have been attacking Governor Baker's plan to bring Real Reform to the MBTA. Now, they've scheduled a public hearing to tear the plan down as they desperately try to hang onto the status quo. We need your help to show support for the plan.

Governor Baker's responsible plan will bring us the transportation system the Commonwealth deserves. It will provide more efficiency, greater accountability, and most importantly does not raise taxes.

But once again, special interests on Beacon Hill are standing in the way of meaningful reform. Help us fight back - join us at the hearing on Monday, May 11 at 12:30 to support the plan.

Click here to RSVP for the event.


Hi Members and Friends of the FRCC,

I am forwarding the MASSGOP Bulletin FYI. Very interesting and we should all take heart that our Governor Charlie Baker’s hard work and ethic is paying off—BIG TIME in terms of voter approval of his job performance. Now, I realize that many who approve of Charlie Baker’s approach to management are not going to change their voter registration from Dem to Republican, but Charlie Baker is demonstrating that hard work, perseverance to keeping his campaign promise to not raise taxes and to identify other options, including bipartisan efforts to identify best-practice to correct problems, are paying off for the taxpayers. I for one will continue to support and tout the supreme efforts and skills of our governor Charlie Baker, in an effort to show that a disciplined approach to management is better than tax and spend for the Commonwealth.


I am also including a link to the Jeff Kuhner show on WRKO radio from May 7, 2015 that was forwarded to me by a conservative friend from Leominster who requested that I share with all.  At about the 42 minute mark in the show’s link, Jeff and a caller, Jamie, begin discussion on a lifestyle survey that is being distributed to 10 – 13 year old children in the public schools that include very pointed questions about the student’s sexual and drug history and family structure, relationships and dynamics.  This student lifestyle survey by many is considered at best to be intrusive into the parental relationship with their children.  By others, the survey is considered to be obscene and sexually graphic and suggestive, even encouraging to a vulnerable population of pre-junior high students to experiment in questionable behaviors.  Currently this survey is given to all students unless parents specifically Opt-Out.  However, there is a  potential through the State Legislature with Massachusetts House Bill #H382 that students will not be given the survey unless parents specifically “Opt In”.  My friend has asked that after listening to the graphic discussion on the Jeff Kuhner show  (discussion is at the 42minute mark) you consider writing or calling your state rep and state senator and let them know that passing H382 which requires parents to opt-in to allow their children to take this intrusive lifestyle survey will help protect parental rights and responsibilities and protect our vulnerable pre-teen children.
As we look ahead to November and to 2016, we're excited about building on this momentum. We look forward to more municipal elections this fall, and to fielding a great set of legislative candidates next year as we seek to sustain the success of 2014. Massachusetts Republicans are showing the voters of this Commonwealth what responsible two-party government looks like, and we want to work with you to build on that success.
If you're interested in running for office, please click here to fill out our form and get in touch with our staff. We can't wait to work with you!

GOP Women’s Club of Worcester County will be holding its second quarterly meeting on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 3:00pm at Barber’s Crossing, Sterling, MA.  Barber’s Crossing is right over the Leominster border on Rt 12. in Sterling.  Annual Dues are $25.  Special guest speaker will be Jessica Vaughn, Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies, Washington DC.  Jessica will provide an overview of the current Trans Pacific Partnership and Fast Track Authority, two relevant activities being pursued by the Presidential administration which will inevitably effect Immigration, United States Labor Market and the further expansion of Presidential powers.   I have heard Jessica speak and she is has supreme knowledge on this subject matter and is an exceptional speaker for this quarterly event.  I highly recommend that you put this on your calendars!   POC is Susan Smiley