February's Show from the FRCC and the LRCC: "Your RIGHT to Know" on FATV and "As We See It" on LATV

Meeting Notice

of the
Fitchburg Republican
City Committee (FRCC)
Will be Scheduled Shortly
and held at
Destare, 320 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA

PLEASE Check Back Regularly


The Fitchburg Republican City Committee
meets monthly, the second Thursday of every month at 7:00PM at Destare. The meeting is open to all Registered
and Non-Registered Voters, membership is limited to Registered Republican
and Unenrolled voters. There are no dues or fees to attend.

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has joined with the Pioneer Institute and other groups in calling for the MBTA to be placed into temporary receivership and its board to be eliminated in order to fix the massive financial and operational problems that currently plague the organization.

As Paul Craney, our executive director, put it, "It has now become clear that the MBTA's practices and priorities have long been badly misguided, all while derailing the public’s trust in the agency, and nothing short of drastic measures seems likely to change them. Receivership and eliminating the MBTA’s board should be part of the conversation, not just increasing the funding for the embattled agency."

Receivership was one of many proposed solutions offered by the Pioneer Institute. As noted in the group's report, other crucial steps include a halt to expansion while maintenance backlogs are prioritized, reducing non-essential expenses such as conference travel, and limiting expansions in the number of employees and their salaries. On that last point, media reports have indicated that the MBTA has consistently increased the size of its workforce in recent years, and that the number of employees earning over $100,000 each year has soared.

If you agree with the
Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance
and the
Pioneer Institute,
Please sign below and urge your friends and family to do the same! And if you want to help us continue fighting for more transparency and accountability on Beacon Hill, please chip in and donate here. 

Sign here: http://www.massfiscal.org/mbta_poll?recruiter_id=2187

Hi Members and Friends,
This is a first for us as the FRCC joined forces with our friends from the LRCC and JP and I together host our shows “Your RIGHT to Know” and “As We See It” with Sheriff Lew Evangelidis discussing southern border security.  Sheriff Lew is always a favorite and is absolutely cogent and insightful as he discusses the topic of illegals or undocumented aliens in this country and in MA.


Please share the video “liberally” with family and friends.